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Trisha B., MBA 💋🍸❤💖💅🏾
Trisha B., MBA 💋🍸❤💖💅🏾 @charming_jb
@YegWriter @Achievers Thank you! HR is life so I'm always happy when I can view relevant information and apply it t…
6:35 PM - 3 Apr 18
Achievers Achievers @Achievers

@charming_jb @YegWriter Love this: "HR is life" :) Stay updated on all articles from The Engage by subscribing here: We cover all things HR - everything from employee engagement, leadership, culture, wellness, employee appreciation, and more. Thank you again Trisha for reading!

7:41 PM - 3 Apr 18
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@YegWriter @charming_jb :) Definitely! Happy Tuesday all. Cheers from Achievers.