3 ways social events positively impact corporate culture

August 16, 2012 Achievers

Dear A Advisor,

My co-workers and I all get along really well and our company often hosts events to celebrate successes in our business. I think that our tight-knit social group is a great tool for our company culture. How can we leverage these events so that they have a positive impact on our workplace culture?


Tight Knit

Hey TK,

Social activities, which develop interpersonal relationships that co-workers build outside the office, are not just play-time: they strengthen bonds, and break down barriers between peers, departments, and teams. Above all, interpersonal relationships reinforce company culture, impacting employee happiness, strengthening their ties to the organization, and, ultimately, deepening employee engagement.

Your company can optimize social events so that they reinforce company culture. Here are some tips:

  1. Host social events that bring employees closer together. To integrate interpersonal relationships into the workplace, you first need to facilitate them. Hosting events that concentrate on employee relationships allow them to associate their personal ties with the company—the company itself has supported interpersonal bonds.
  2. Center events around company values. An event is a perfect opportunity to celebrate a company-wide accomplishment, reinforce a company value or recognize the hard work of your employees.
  3. Don’t tell your employees how to socialize. Instead, ask them. Let your employees have input into what they’d like to do. Something fun and unusual will create fond memories that are tied back to your company.

Events are a powerful tool to harness your interpersonal relationships and create lasting engagement with your company!


The A Advisor

How do your company events strengthen interpersonal and professional ties in your organization?

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