Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Customer Success Story

August 23, 2017

Why you should care

When it comes to meeting key business objectives, ensuring your employees are engaged with their work is often the deciding factor between success and failure. This comes as no surprise; engaged employees are more likely to go beyond discretionary effort for the good of their company, even more so if they are frequently recognized for their efforts. Horizon Blue Shield Blue Cross of New Jersey found out how important engagement can be. After moving from their antiquated manual recognition program to the Achievers platform, they saw widespread benefits including increased engagement, tangible metrics to link to business results and an evolution in their corporate culture.


What you will learn

In this case study, you’ll learn that after debuting its internally branded Achievers platform, Step It Up to its 5,000+ employees across four locations in North America, Horizon BSBCNJ saw immediate and sustained adoption across the entire company. With a 97% employee – manager activation rate, the Step It Up program has become the most widely-utilized “voluntary” enterprise platform the organization has ever implemented. Horizon BSBCNJ’s leadership team continues to be among the most active users on the platform, truly instilling a culture of recognition that permeates throughout the company. With such widespread adoption and usage, the company saw payoff in the form of improved engagement scores across the board, including a 14% increase in engagement survey results related to recognition. 

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